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Atlantic Produces an extensive line of High Quality Models along the style often seen at local Travel Agencies and Airline offices. They have also produced some very fine work from the Boeing 727 nose seen above to the DC-3 atop an Orlando Recording Studio at left and an F15 below made for the Boeing Company and displayed at Wright Patterson AFB. and the wonderful Emery DC1-0 which is actually 10 feet long, ceiling hung in their corporate offices. From the propliners of yesterday to the jet age these professional products make for valued collector items and are perfect gifts for retirement, birthdays and holidays. Produced in resin these models are molded as a single unit so there is no assembly required. They are finished in a high gloss and finely detailed with period liveries of many different airlines from around the world - current and past! Each model comes with a wooden base (suitable for attaching a small metal engraving), and metal upright stand making for an impressive display.

F15 fighter

These products are Special Order items only which require production time

* Special S/H Rate of $35.00 will apply to all 1/100 Scale Models for the DC10, MD11, B777 and B747 *
Shipping only to U.S. Destinations including Puerto Rico and Guam - Some May Ship International - Please Inquire

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